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Argentine Chamber Music: Premieres in 1966.

Several years ago we tried to produce statistics about the performances of chamber music that were taking place in our city, similar to the ones we compile about symphonic concerts that are published every year in these pages. The project, which had a first, only and partial concretion, had to be abandoned because of difficulties, which in many cases were insuperable, that got in the way and consequently made the gathering of facts, due to their very nature, which presented themselves in such a dispersed and diversified way. The inconveniences of realizing a project of this type still exist. However, we still think that it will be interesting for the annals of Buenos Aires music to offer, just as we have done with symphonic music, a catalog of chamber music compositions that have been premiered during each season, and with this belief, in continuation we are publishing a list corresponding to the 1966 season, while at the same time giving proof, due to the above mentioned reasons, that this list is far from being complete. On the other hand, only the first performances of works by Argentine composers are being recorded. In order to do this we have relied on the collaboration of the Argentine Union of Composers. As we perfect our compilation system we trust that we will be able to provide in the future more complete and exact information. In the meantime, here is a first installment, of whose usefulness we have no doubt.

Alemann, Eduardo. Micropoemas.
Ansuini, Ricardo. Andante cantabile y fuga.
Aretz, Isabel. Tres en Sonata (1965) for violin, cello and piano.
Arnedo, Leonidas. Sonatina for piano.
Barone, Alfredo. Tríptico Lopesco, for voice, clarinet, bass clarinet, viola and cello.
Barón Supervielle, Susana. Dos poemas con música.
Bazán, Oscar. Atomos II, for three performers and one piano.
Belloc, Enrique. Movimientos.
Calabró, Domingo. Tre pezzi for string quartet.
Calcagno. Elsa. Pastoral Criolla, for violin, cello and piano.
Cantón, Edgardo. Voix Inouies (concreta).
Castro, Washington. Monologue for cello.
Citro, Gilda. Suite for wind quintet.
Davidovsky, Mario. Electronic Study No. 3 (in homage to Edgar Varèse).
Delli Quadri, Juan Carlos. Suite.
Dianda, Hilda. A-7 for solo cello and magnetic tape.
Dublanc, Enrique. Fantasía Sonata (flute and piano).
Echarte, Pedro. Treno (electronic piece).
Fiumara, Raúl. Three pieces for quartet.
Franchisena, César. Funciones (1965).
Gandini, Gerardo. “...hecha sombra y altura.” Night Music II for piano, flute, clarinet, violin, viola, cello and percussion.
García Acevedo, Mario. Fantasía (keyboard).
Giacobbe, Juan Fco. Gagliarda hispánica (keyboard).
Gutiérrez del Barrio, Ramón. Quintet No. 1 for piano and string quartet.
Kagel, Mauricio. “Antithese,” musical theater on film (electronic).
Koc, Marcelo. Variantes y transparencias (piano).
Krieger, Armando. Cuaderno de verano (voice and piano).
Kroppfl, Francisco. Música 66 (piano).
Lanza, Alcides. Plectros II (piano and electronic tape).
Luna, Adolfo V. Sonata argentina (keyboard and string quartet).
Moreto, Nelly. Composition No. 9 A (electronic music).
Pastore, Angel. Quintet for flute, violin, viola, cello and harp.
Paz, Juan Carlos. Núcleos (piano).
Pinto, Alfredo. Serie argentina (piano.
Ranieri, Salvador. Tres cantos de desolación (cello and piano).
Rival, Roberto. Sonata No. 2 (piano).
Rottier, Jorge. Variaciones, for four percussionists.
Sciammarella, Valdo. Cantos de Ondina (voice, flute, oboe, keyboard and harp).
Sciammarella, Valdo. “No es cordero, que es cordero...” (voice, flute, oboe, clarinet and harp).
Sciammarella, Valdo. Scherzino (oboe, clarinet and bassoon).
Serra, Luis María. Tres poemas sobre texto de Molinari (Voice, flute, violin, viola, harp and percussion).
Tejada, Eduardo. Three pieces for five instruments.
Zorzi, Juan Carlos. Música para calesita.
Tsilicas, Jorge. Prelude No. 1 (piano).
Vaggione, Horacio. Sonata IV (piano and electronic tape).

“La música de cámara argentina, estrenos en 1966,” (Argentine Chamber Music: Premieres in 1966), published in Buenos Aires musical, volume 22, number 357 (1 February 1967). Translated by John L. Walker.

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