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Federico Núñez

Federico Núñez Argentine composer Federico Núñez was born in 1976 in Buenos Aires. After graduating as a guitar professor in the Carlos López Buchardo National Conservatory Núñez went on to earn a bachelors degree in composition from the National University of the Arts (NUA) and a masters degree in the interpretation of Latin American music from the University of Cuyo in Mendoza. He has also studied composition and analysis with Mario Lavista, Gerardo Gandini and Dante Grela. Currently he teaches in the NUA and in the Manuel de Falla and Astor Piazzolla conservatories in Buenos Aires.
Núñez enjoys an active career as a composer and performer. His catalog of compositions includes works for orchestra, mixed choir, chamber music and electroacoustic music, as well as works for solo instruments. Among his most recent works are “Indeferencias” and “Cristales discontinuos.” His continual search for expressive elements has taken him not only to the jungles around San Luís Potosí in Mexico but also to the Antarctic continent.

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Federico’s Compositions

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Desde el reflejo, by Federico Nunez
Wind quintet.

Our Price: US$24.60
El Yeite, by Federico Núñez
Mixed wind / string ensemble

Our Price: US$43.60
En el umbral, by Federico Núñez
Clarinet quartet.

Our Price: US$19.60
Evocación de un sutil amanecer, by Federico Núñez
English horn and guitar.

Our Price: US$18.90
Ktenon, by Federico Núñez
Unaccompanied bassoon.

Our Price: US$15.60
Kuikatl, by Federico Nunez
Unaccompanied bass flute.

Our Price: US$20.90
Lihué, dulce lihué, by Federico Núñez
Unaccompanied clarinet.

Our Price: US$16.90
Presagio de olvido, by Federico Núñez
Bassoon and piano.

Our Price: US$18.90
Rowing Down the Rolling River, by Federico Núñez
Young band (grade 1+).

Our Price: US$49.90
Sepia, by Federico Núñez
Clarinet and piano.

Our Price: US$24.90

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