Welcome to the Cayambis Music Press Resources Page!

Here, you'll find internal links to interesting resources on our website as well as external links to individuals and organizations that share our same passion for Latin American music.

Internal Resources.

Latin American Classical Notes. Our series of radio programs in which we explore the richness and diversity of Latin American classical music.

Country Resource Pages. A comprehensive list (with links) of musical organizations from nearly every Latin American country.

Comité Editorial (en español)
. Biografías de los miembros del comité editorial.
Comitê Editorial (em portugûes)
. Biografias dos membros do comitê editorial.
Composition Evaluation Form
. The members of the Committee use this form when evaluating scores submitted by composers.

. Read about the various kinds of commendation and validation that our company has recently received.

The Cayambis Music Press Artist Program
. Get to know the artists and ensembles who perform our music!
The Cayambis Connection
. Flutist Stephanie Jutt says our newsletter is “a pleasure to read and is much appreciated.”

The Cayambis Institute
. Up to the minute information about the programs, services and activities of our nonprofit organization.
Donor Page. Thank you for helping to ensure the long term success of our organization!

Institutional Accounts
. Information about establishing an institutional account with Cayambis Music Press.
Cayambis Music Press Archive
. Downloadable documents and other materials about the company's history and past activities.

External Resources.

Fiesta! Latin American Music with Elbio Barilari.

The Iberian and Latin American Music Society.
Latin American Music Center at Indiana University .

Kimberly Davis, Puerto Rican pianist.
Ada Lis Jimena
, Argentine mezzo-soprano.