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Juan López-Maya

Juan Lopez Venezuelan composer and musicologist Juan de Dios López-Maya was born in Caracas in 1962. He received a PhD in Humanities in 2015 and a master’s degree in Latin American musicology in 2008 from the Central University of Venezuela. He has held positions as head of the musicology department of the Central University of Venezuela (2009-2013) and as an associate professor at the Simon Bolivar University and the National University of the Arts. From 1994 to 1997 he was the director of the Aragua State Conservatory in Maracay and from 2005 to 2009 he taught music theory in the Juan José Landaeta National Conservatory in Caracas. His catalog includes a large number of works for various chamber ensembles, of which many have been awarded prizes in local composition competitions; many others have been performed and recorded by various ensembles in Venezuela as well as in other countries around the world. As a musicologist he has specialized in rescuing and editing Venezuelan works from nineteenth century composers. His doctoral work deals with the music used in Masonic rituals of nineteenth-century Venezuelan lodges, an issue on which he has published several papers and has given lectures and conferences in Venezuela, Chile and Spain.

Juan’s Compositions

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Aconcagua, by Juan Lopez
Concert band (grade 4).

Our Price: US$67.40
Allegro rustico, by Juan Lopez
Unaccompanied piccolo.

Our Price: US$19.90
Batuque, by Juan Lopez
Young string orchestra (gr 2).

Our Price: US$59.35
Burlesque, by Juan Lopez
Oboe and piano.

Our Price: US$19.90
Cancion sin palabras, by Juan Lopez
Young string orchestra (gr 2).

Our Price: US$55.35
Capricious Nocturne, by Juan Lopez
Unaccompanied flute.

Our Price: US$16.90
Carnaval, by Juan Lopez
Young string orchestra (gr 2).

Our Price: US$51.35
Cinco momentos, by Juan Lopez
Flute and piano.

Our Price: US$28.90
Climb to Mount Parnassus, by Juan Lopez
Bass flute and piano.

Our Price: US$26.90
Creolisms, by Juan Lopez
Unaccompanied oboe.

Our Price: US$16.90

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