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Jannet Alvarado

Pianist, composer and musicologist Jannet Alvarado was born in Ecuador. She holds a doctoral degree from the Catholic University of Argentina, a master’s degree in music and a diploma in investigation from the University of Cuenca and a bachelor’s degree in musicology from the Catholic University of Ecuador. She also studied in Cuenca’s “José María Rodríguez” Conservatory. Currently she is the Director of Investigation on the Faculty of Arts of the University of Cuenca, where she also teaches several classes. Alvarado has composed De las concesiones, for orchestra; Ciclo de composiciones contemporáneas, on Ecuadorean texts for soprano, strings and piano; Letanía, for strings and percussion; Chacona, for symphonic band; the operas, Ipiak y Súa and El Jurupi encantado; Vanitas Vanitatum, for mixed choir; as well as works for piano and chamber ensembles. She has published books and articles and is frequently invited as a participant of national and international musicological encounters.

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Jannet’s Compositions

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Espacio I, by Jannet Alvarado
Clarinet duet.

Our Price: US$16.90
Iniciacion a la estulticia, by Jannet Alvarado
Flute, clarinet and bassoon.

Our Price: US$25.90
Iniciacion a la estulticia, by Jannet Alvarado
Two flutes.

Our Price: US$20.40
Ire, que importa caballo sea la noche, by Jannet Alvarado
Soprano (A4-G5), violin, cello and piano.

Our Price: US$24.90
Lail ritual, by Jannet Alvarado
Unaccompanied oboe.

Our Price: US$16.90
Motivos de Tango, by Jannet Alvarado
Flute, clarinet, cello, piano.

Our Price: US$23.40
Pasillo y cuento, by Jannet Alvarado
Oboe and piano.

Our Price: US$23.90
San Juanito, by Jannet Alvarado
Clarinet and piano.

Our Price: US$20.40
These Andes Mountains, by Jannet Alvarado
Clarinet and piano.

Our Price: US$16.90
Yaravi and Scherzo, by Jannet Alvarado
Clarinet, marimba and piano.

Our Price: US$24.90

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