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Antonio Gervasoni Florez-Estrada

Antonio Gervasoni
Born in 1973, Gervasoni studied piano with Elke Brunke and later with Teresa Quesada. Between 1997 and 1998 he received master classes with the Russian composer Vladislav Uspensky, who was a student of Dmitri Shostakovich. In 2007 Gervasoni received the Fellowship Diploma in Composition from the London College of Music. His composition for mixed choir, A-nir, won the Vanguard Premieres Choral Composition Contest in 2004 in Dearborn, Michigan. His catalog includes works for this medium as well as chamber and symphonic music; he has also composed music for theater and film. Gervasoni is a founding member of the Peruvian Circle of Composition (Circomper); he has also taught in that country’s National Conservatory. Between 2009 and 2013 he directed the School of Music of the Universidad Peruana de Ciencias Aplicadas, UPC, where he is currently a professor of composition.

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Antonio’s Compositions

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Argo Navis, by Antonio Gervasoni
Unaccompanied flute.

Our Price: US$16.90
Drought of the Soul, by Antonio Gervasoni
String quartet and piano.

Our Price: US$27.90
Fantastic Episodes, by Antonio Gervasoni
Chamber orchestra.

Our Price: US$44.45
Five Good Fellows, by Antonio Gervasoni
Unaccompanied clarinet.

Our Price: US$20.40
Garden of the Shadows, by Antonio Gervasoni
Wind octet.

Our Price: US$40.60
Grotesque Quartet, by Antonio Gervasoni
String quartet.

Our Price: US$41.40
Il giardino della casa, by Antonio Gervasoni
Flute and guitar (with optional projection).

Our Price: US$32.40
Pandoras Box, by Antonio Gervasoni
Clarinet and viola.

Our Price: US$29.90
Peruvian Fanfare No. 1, by Antonio Gervasoni
Concert band (grade 4+).

Our Price: US$72.40
Pictorial Miniatures, by Antonio Gervasoni
Double reed sextet.

Our Price: US$44.90

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