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Gerardo Dirié

Gerardo DiriéBorn in Cordoba, Argentina, composer Gerardo Dirié is also an accomplished conductor, performer and educator. He attended the National University of Cordoba, where he studied composition with Atilio Argüello, Oscar Bazán and César Franchisena. In 1987 he came to Indiana University after receiving a Fulbright Fellowship and a Monica Mourier Archibald Grant. The recipient of masters and doctoral degrees, he studied with John Eaton and Eugene O’Brien. As a composer, Dirié’s music has been acclaimed in performances throughout the Americas and in Europe. More recently, his music has also been performed in India, Malaysia and Turkey.

Throughout his career Dirié has been very active in bringing Latin American music to a wider audience, not only through his work as a composer, but also in his professional capacity as Assistant Director of the Indiana University’s Latin American Music Center. Currently, Gerardo Dirié is head of the composition department at the Queesland Conservatorium in Brisbane, Australia.

Gerardo’s Compositions

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Dirie, Anjo Breve
Anjo Breve, by Gerardo Dirié
Bassoon and string quintet.

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Dirie, Bordoneo, pifilca y zapateado
Bordoneo, pifilca y zapateado, by Gerardo Dirié
Clarinet, cello and piano.

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Dirie, Dos gondoleros invisibles
Dos gondoleros invisibles, by Gerardo Dirié
Two clarinets.

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Dirie, Malambo bentónico
Malambo bentónico, by Gerardo Dirié
Bass flute, piano.

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Dirie, Overwintering
Overwintering, by Gerardo Dirié
Flute, bass clarinet, soprano, piano.

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Dirie, Parancero
Parancero, by Gerardo Dirié
Flute, piano and fixed media.

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Dirie, Romance para Lorca solo
Romance para Lorca solo, by Gerardo Dirié
Oboe, bassoon, narrator, percussion.

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Dirie, Siete de oro
Siete de oro, by Gerardo Dirié

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Dirie, Ti xiuhtototl
Ti xiuhtototl, by Gerardo Dirié
Female voices, harp, string bass and winds.

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Dirie, Whose Body was a Garden
Whose Body was a Garden, by Gerardo Dirié
Flute and percussion.

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