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Cayambis Music Press specializes in Latin American chamber music. We publish a large number of exclusive titles for small instrumental ensembles by living Latin American (and North American) composers as well as a number of historical compositions by nineteenth century and early twentieth century composers, such as Ricardo Castro, Jacobo Ficher and Teresa Carreño, to name but a few.

Customers from group of clarinetistsaround the world will find Cayambis Music Press to be a great place to buy Latin American sheet music. We’ve organized our site by ensemble size, but if you’re looking for music from a specific country, try starting with our Regions page. Or, you can download our current catalog. Write to us! We’re also happy to provide suggestions or answer any questions that you may have.


Our business model is based upon the most fundamental aspect of Latin American culture: the family. Our composers are not just another name on a list; rather, we maintain a close relationship with each one, and they with us. There truly is a “Cayambis family.” However, its not necessarily easy to become part of this family. We carefully select each composer so as to ensure that we are supplying only the highest quality classical music from Latin America.


Cayambis Connection Signup ButtonCayambis Music Press promotes and supports Latin American classical music in a number of different ways, such as by providing postings of upcoming events, interviewing composers for our series of podcasts and even organizing concerts. Were also adding new and unique resources to our website. If you would like to know more about our many activities, please consider subscribing to our newsletter, the Cayambis Connection. In addition to special offers and discounts, you, too, will be part of our Cayambis community of enthusiasts!

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