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Cayambis Music Press, founded in 2013, embodies the realization of a long-held idea to publish and promote the finest classical music from Latin America. This objective represents the convergence of a number of independent threads, such as my direct experiences in Latin America, my research interests and my prior participation as part of a music publishing editorial team. As a result, I am proud to say that today, Cayambis Music Press represents the music of 54 composers from 15 different countries.

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Although some of our music could be said to have a “Latin” sound (Ecuadorean Marcelo Beltrán’s use of folk music falls into this category), our catalog consists of a diverse range of musical styles and genres. For example, Chilean Nicolás Kliwadenko and Venezuelan Luis Pérez Valero use a contemporary musical language that focuses on instrumental timbre, Peruvian Antonio Gervasoni prefers a more descriptive, almost programmatic approach to composition and the music of Guatemalan Gabriel Yela, while essentially tonal, is influenced by procedures generally associated with expressionism. On the other hand, Mexican composer Demian Galindo’s music for brass instruments is just fun to play.

Our mission is to provide the North American and European markets with the finest quality music from Latin America published to the highest standards. In addition, a core value of our company is to encourage and promote the performance of this music and to provide essential resources in support of our overall corporate mission.

There are a number of ways in which we seek to accomplish this mission, including, but not limited to the following:
  • The scores that we receive are first be evaluated by an editorial committee. To date, fewer than half of these submissions have been approved for publication.
  • Approved scores are meticulously prepared and then reviewed by both the editorial team and the composer prior to publication.
  • Our company is actively engaged in the performance of our publications through our in-house ensemble, the Cayambis Sinfonietta.
  • We establish and maintain personal contact with composers throughout the Americas either through travel or by virtual means.
  • With our “Artist Program,” we develop relationships with recognized artists and ensembles in order to promote the performance of Latin American music.
  • Through our “Latin American Voices” podcasts, we encourage a dialog between our composers and the North American public.
  • We maintain a profile page for each Latin American country that includes vital resources and links to important individuals and institutions.

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Our website has been designed to make your selection as easy as possible. We realize that the names and titles may not be familiar to American audiences, and for that reason all of our composers have provided brief biographies. Clicking on the title of any composition will take you to that composition webpage, where you will find a short musical example as well as brief and extended descriptions. On a number of our product pages you’ll find an audio file or even a YouTube video. Or, if you are looking for a specific instrument or would like to explore the music of a specific country, use our search field to take you directly to those results.

Whatever your preference may be, every one of our editions is meticulously prepared and laid out on high quality, Rainforest Alliance Certified, concert size (9 x 12) paper. Every piece larger than a duet includes parts as well as a full score. Printed on the inside page of every cover you will find biographical information in English and Spanish that can be freely used for program notes; just be sure to include the line, “Used by permission of Cayambis Music Press.”

Finally, Cayambis Music Press is proud to be affiliated with Chamber Music America, the National Flute Association and Broadcast Music (BMI).

Welcome to Cayambis Music Press! We hope that your experience with our website and our music is entirely to your satisfaction. But if you have any comment or suggestion, we would love to hear from you!

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