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Raúl Ardila

Raúl Ardila

Columbian composer, arranger and trumpeter Raúl Ardila was born in 1995. He began his musical studies in the La Estrella music school Antioguia. At first interested in the guitar but later joined the municipal symphonic band as a trumpeter. He is a 2015 graduate of the Débora Arango Superior Technological School of Arts, with emphasis on trumpet; and currently, he is nearly finishing a Master’s degree in composition at the Antioquia University. Since 2017 he has been a pedagogic facilitator in the processes of musical instruction in the Secretariat of Education and Culture of the municipality of La Estrella, where he began his studies. He performs in various groups in Medellín that are related to Latin American music and traditional Colombian music, influences that have impacted his creative processes as a composer, which has been a strong influence.
While studying to become a composer he has obtained various distinctions, such as a “Special Mention” in the first Biennial Convocation of Composition for Orchestras of Plucked Strings, in 2016, with the work, “Paisajes Colombianos.” He was a winner in the Sixth National Composition Competition of the Caldas Symphony Orchestra, in 2018, with his work, “Morlen.” Most recently, he won the 2020 call for scores organized by the the Americas Chamber Orchestra (AC), with his work, “Un mar de fueguitos.”

Raúl’s Compositions

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Aluna, by Raul Ardila
Wind quintet.

Our Price: US$43.60
Caprichito en porro, by Raul Ardila
Unaccompanied bassoon.

Our Price: US$18.40
Elogio del sentido comun, by Raul Ardila
Unaccompanied flute.

Our Price: US$21.60
Mazamorra, by Raul Ardila
Young string orchestra (gr 2).

Our Price: US$51.35
Preludio con Flow, by Raul Ardila
Unaccompanied clarinet.

Our Price: US$16.90
Un tintico pa este frio, by Raul Ardila
Oboe with piano accompaniment.

Our Price: US$20.40

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