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Music in Colombia.

The music composed by the so-called generation of the seventies spanned the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The early part of the twentieth century is characterized by either universal or nationalist tendencies. The former is represented by Gonzalo Vidal Pachecho (1863-1933); the latter by Guillermo Uribe Holguín (1880-1971), who is considered the dean of Colombian composers. Also a violinist and conductor, he composed more than 500 compositions, including ten string quartets, two piano quintets and a suite for flute, violin and viola. In 1910 he succeeded Honorio Alarcón as director of the national conservatory
(which is today part of Colombia’s National University). Two other composers associated with the nationalist style are Jesús Bermúdez Silva (1884-1969) and José Rozo Contreras (1894-1976). The next generation developed a neo impressionistic style derived from Antonio María Valencia (1902-52). Among his students were Guillermo Espinosa (1905-90), Roberto Pineda Duque (1910-77) and Santiago Velasco Llanos (1915-96). The national symphony orchestra, founded by Espinosa in 1936, has been considered one of the best of its kind in Latin America. Fabio González Zuleta (1920-), Luis Antonio Escobar (1925-93) are two composers whose works reveal a neo classical tendency in post war Colombia. González Zuleta composed more than a dozen works for chamber ensembles, of which his “Abstract Quintet” (1960) for winds is perhaps the most important. Blas Atehortúa (1943-) was among the first group of composers to study at the Torcuato di Tella Institute in Buenos Aires. The author of four works for wind quintet, his style falls within traditional and neo classic trends.

Blas Atehortúa, Trio (Final Part), for clarinet, violin and piano.

For more information about the music of this country, including links to conservatories, university music departments and other institutes and organizations, please see our country resource page for Colombia.

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