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Miguel Astor

Miguel Astor

Miguel Astor (b. 1958) holds a Master’s degree in Latin American Musicology and a doctorate in History from Venezuela’s Central University. He has also earned degrees in Composition, Piano Performance and Choral Conducting from the National Conservatory of Music and the School of Choral Singing of the National Youth Orchestra. Among his teachers were Antonio Mastrogiovanni (composition), Alberto Grau (choral conducting), and Teresa Cos (piano). He has also studied with Modesta Bor, Primo Casale, Federico Ruiz and Yannis Ioannidis, and Alfredo del Mónaco, among others. Astor currently teaches music in the José Angel Lamas Superior School of Music and in the Juan Manuel Olivares National School of Music. He taught previously at the Juan José Landaeta National Conservatory of Music, the Pedro Nolasco Colón School of Music, and was a tenured professor at the Central University and the National Experimental University of the Arts. His compositions, musicological publications, and his pedagogic work have received various national and international awards: for example, his “O sacrum convivium” was recognized as the best entry in the mixed voice category of the Amadeus International Choral Composition Competition in 2012. Additionally, he is the Founding Director of the choral group Cantoría in Caracas.

Miguel’s Compositions

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Cantabile, by Miguel Astor
Violin and piano.

Our Price: US$20.40
Estudio solitario no 21, by Miguel Astor
Unaccompanied double bass.

Our Price: US$18.40
Estudio solitario no. 9, by Miguel Astor
Unaccompanied bassoon.

Our Price: US$18.40
Estudios solitarios, by Miguel Astor
Unaccompanied flute, piccolo and alto flute.

Our Price: US$19.90
Estudios solitarios, by Miguel Astor
Unaccompanied oboe and English horn.

Our Price: US$18.40
Etude for Solo Bassoon, by Miguel Astor
Unaccompanied bassoon.

Our Price: US$16.90
Music for Trumpet and Piano, by Miguel Astor
Trumpet (in C) and piano.

Our Price: US$24.90
Quartet No. 3, by Miguel Astor
String quartet.

Our Price: US$39.90
Seis Flautero, by Miguel Astor
Flute and piano.

Our Price: US$21.60

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