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Josefina Benedetti

Josefina Benedetti Josefina Benedetti is a Venezuelan composer who was born in the US in 1953. She studied piano in Caracas and in London and graduated in Venezuela as a choral director, composer, and musicologist. She has received awards in national and municipal composition competitions in Venezuela in 1989, 1990, 1993 and 1998. Her catalog consists of works for chorus, orchestra, chamber music and electroacoustic compositions. Her works have been performed and recorded by well-known orchestras and soloists in Venezuela as well as in the US, Ecuador, Spain and France; in addition, she has participated in various installations with visual artists. She was president of the Juventudes Musicales in Venezuela and the National Philharmonic Orchestra Foundation, and the cultural director of the Central University of Venezuela, where she is currently a professor of analysis and musical aesthetics in the School of the Arts. Punceles de Benedetti is the author of “La estética postmoderna en la música venezolana.”

Josefina’s Compositions

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Cantos del camino, by Josefina Benedetti
String orchestra and percussion.

Our Price: US$43.45
Citas inocentes, by Josefina Benedetti

Our Price: US$20.45
Concerto, by Josefina Benedetti
Bassoon and wind ensemble (grade 4).

Our Price: US$69.40
Intermezzo No. 1, by Josefina Benedetti
Clarinet quartet (Eb, two Bb, bass).

Our Price: US$19.60
Pantanal, by Josefina Benedetti
Wind quintet.

Our Price: US$24.60

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