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Armando Luis Ramírez

Armando Luis RamirezArmando Luis Ramírez began his study of composition with Amaury Veray and Ignacio Morales Nieva in the Puerto Rico Conservatory; later, as a graduate student in Temple University, he studied with Dr. Maurice Wright and Richard Brodhead. Ramírez has also attended various seminars and forums on composition, one of which was taught by Krystof Penderecki. Currently, he teaches theory and composition in the Puerto Rico Conservatory, but from time to time he has also taught various other classes, ranging from seminars on the ballets of Igor Stravinsky to the music of the Beatles. Ramírez’s catalog is equally diverse, and includes works for orchestra, such as his symphonic poem, Hermit’s Enigma, Tríptico for tenor and chamber ensemble and his recently premiered and recorded quintet for piccolo and string quartet.

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Armando’s Compositions

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7 Pinturas de Dali, by Armando Luis Ramirez
Euphonium and tuba.

Our Price: US$27.40
Black Cat, by Armando Luis Ramirez
Unaccompanied tuba.

Our Price: US$15.90
Four Folkloric Etudes, by Armando Luis Ramirez
Unaccompanied piccolo.

Our Price: US$16.40
Four Rustic Essays, by Armando Luis Ramirez

Our Price: US$20.90
Piccolo Quintet, by Armando Luis Ramirez
Piccolo and string quartet.

Our Price: US$29.90
Six Miniatures, by Armando Luis Ramirez
Viola and piano.

Our Price: US$24.90
Sonata El Arlequin, by Armando Luis Ramirez
Trumpet and piano.

Our Price: US$29.90

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