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René Amengual

René AmengualChilean composer René Amengual was born in 1911 in Santiago de Chile. At the age of twelve, in 1923 he entered the National Conservatorio, where he studied piano with Rosita Renard and composition with Pedro Humberto Allende (1885-1959). Upon finishing his studies in 1935, Amengual began a career as an educator in the Conservatory, which would be uninterrupted until his death. In 1941, along with various other important Chilean composers, he founded the School of Modern Music. In 1943 Amengual visited the United States on a scholarship that had been provided by the International Institute of Education. While in that country he presented a concert of Chilean music at the Pan American Union in Washington, DC. One year before his death in 1954, Amengual traveled to Europe where he participated in festivals and music congresses. (The line drawing of René Amengual first appeared in a 1935 edition of “Revista de arte.”)

In addition to a symphonic prelude that was composed in 1939, a list of Amengual’s most significant works includes two quartets, a wind sextet, a sonata for violin and ten brief preludes for piano (1950).

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Maestro Amengual’s Compositions

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Latin American Works for Piano, vol. 4

Our Price: US$24.60
Pequena Suite, by Rene Amengual
Flute and piano.

Our Price: US$26.90
Prelude, by Rene Amengual

Our Price: US$24.45
Seventy-Five Years of Latin American Art Song, vol 1
Voice and piano.

Our Price: US$29.99
Sextet, by Rene Amengual
Wind sextet.

Our Price: US$46.40

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