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Nicolás Kliwadenko

Nicolas Kliwadenko

Nicolás Kliwadenko (Santiago, Chile, 1986) earned a bachelors degree from the Catholic University of Chile and is currently pursuing graduate studies in the University of Chile, where he is studying composition with Jorge Pepe Alos and Cristian Morales Ossio, and analysis and orchestration with Aliocha Solovera, among others. In addition, he has studied electroacoustic and digital music in the LATEM (Laboratory for Technological Music) and in the Catholic University of Argentina, as well as having attended a number of master classes presented by composers such as Javier Alvarez, Gabriel Brnčić, Marco Stroppa, Gabriele Manca, Fabien Lévy and Pablo Cetta. Kliwadenko’s music includes works of diverse formats, including instrumental music in combination with electroacoustic devices, the use of samplers and video projections generated in real time. He is a co founding member of Taller Ciclo, a musical collective dedicated to investigation and experimentation in the area of musical creation.

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Nicolás’s Compositions

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Anudar un Continuum, by Nicolas Kliwadenko
Quartet for two clarinets, tenor saxophone and baritone saxophone.

Our Price: US$20.40
Cadenas de Markov, by Nicolas Kliwadenko
Unaccompanied clarinet.

Our Price: US$24.90
Trio, by Nicolas Kliwadenko
Flute, oboe and clarinet.

Our Price: US$24.90

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