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Geoffrey Alvarez
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A Little about Music in Nicaragua.

Nicaragua’s turbulent political history has negatively affected the development of the arts in that country. The most important composer in Nicaragua was Luis Abraham Delgadillo (1887-1962), who studied in Europe at the Milan Conservatory. Delgadillo was a prolific composer who was often inspired by native or regional folklore to produce nationalistic music in Romantic and Impressionist styles. Several of his symphonies are said to evoke the spirit of the aboriginal cultures of the New World. Edwin Krüger (1915-73) and José Ramírez are also noted for their use of indigenous Nicaraguan themes. Other contemporary Nicaraguan composers include José de la Cruz Mena (1874-1907), Manuel Ibarra, J. Francisco Rosales and Ramón Arnoldo Zapata (1917-2009). Zapata is credited with having created the “son nica,” which is a characteristic Nicaraguan rhythmic pattern.

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