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Marcelo Beltrán

Marcelo Beltran
Marcelo Beltrán is a self-taught Ecuadorian composer who was born in 1965. A large number of his compositions have been premiered, amongst which is the film music for La Revolución de Alfaro (2009), Hibridanza and Manglar (2012), dedicated to the Ensamble Quito 6, and the Cantata de Ramos, commissioned by the Sucre National Theater Foundation as the central event of the tenth edition of this organization’s International Festival of Sacred Music in 2011. In addition to his work as a composer and arranger for Quito’s department of musical development, Beltrán has taught guitar at several institutions, such as the National Conservatory and the Universidad de los Hemisferios, and has also directed Quito’s Guitar Ensemble. Currently, Beltrán teaches music in the “George Gershwin” Conservatory.

Marcelo’s Compositions

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Fantasmas, by Marcelo Beltran
Oboe and piano.

Our Price: US$20.90
Mishu, by Marcelo Beltran
Two oboes.

Our Price: US$17.90
Procession of the Palms, by Marcelo Beltrán
Concert band (grade 3).

Our Price: US$59.90
Sanjuaneando, by Marcelo Beltran
Oboe and bassoon.

Our Price: US$19.90
Sextet, by Marcelo Beltran
Wind sextet.

Our Price: US$39.90
Sonatina ecuatorial, by Marcelo Beltran
Flute and guitar.

Our Price: US$28.90
Tal vez, by Marcelo Beltran
Flute and two guitars.

Our Price: US$21.90
Tormenta, by Marcelo Beltran

Our Price: US$19.40
Yaravi, by Marcelo Beltran
Bassoon and piano.

Our Price: US$21.60

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