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Juan Bautista Plaza

Plaza and Stravinsky Juan Bautista Plaza Alfonzo is one of the greatest Venezuelan composers of the 20th century. With Vicente Emilio Sojo, José Antonio Calcaño, Juan Vicente Lecuna and Moisés Moleiro, he formed the first generation of composers to embrace the nationalistic tendencies of the period in early 20th century Venezuela. He studied music first in Caracas; later, he received advanced studies at the Pontifical Academy of Sacred Music in Rome, Italy. His extensive catalog includes works of all kinds and genres, including sacred music (mainly masses, motets, hymns and minor works); choral music (madrigals and choral songs); songs for voice and piano; music for piano, guitar and organ; works for two pianos and piano four-hands; Christmas carols; chamber music; music for string orchestra, symphony orchestra, voice and orchestra, and symphonic choral works; zarzuelas; as well as arrangements for orchestra, band and choir; and various didactic works, among others.

We are the authorized distributor of editions published by the Fundación Juan Bautista Plaza (catalog numbers beginning with FJBP). Catalog numbers beginning with CMP denote editions published by Cayambis Music Press.

Maestro Plaza’s Compositions

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Diana, by Juan Bautista Plaza
Violin and piano.

Our Price: US$19.40
Dos fugas venezolanas, by Juan Bautista Plaza
String orchestra.

Our Price: US$23.79
El picacho abrupto, by Juan Bautista Plaza

Our Price: US$25.70
Elegia, by Juan Bautista Plaza
String orchestra and timpani.

Our Price: US$22.68
Las horas, by Juan Bautista Plaza
Orchestra and choir.

Our Price: US$23.63
Nocturno elegiaco, by Juan Bautista Plaza
English horn and string quartet.

Our Price: US$19.40
Two Pieces, by Juan Bautista Plaza
Cello and piano.

Our Price: US$23.90
Vigilia, by Juan Bautista Plaza

Our Price: US$29.79

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