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José Aranda

José Aranda

Composer José Aranda Riveros was born in Chile in 1971. He began his musical studies at the Catholic University in that same city in 1990, where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in music and the title of professor. At the same time, from 1992 he began studying clarinet at the conservatory in that same institution, spending four years focusing on advanced performance practices. Since then, Aranda has developed a career as a performer, composer and conductor through diverse chamber music ensembles and orchestras in his country.
Aranda‘s catalog includes works for different groupings of winds, strings, as well as for pieces for clarinet and piano, compositions for orchestra and a concerto for electric guitar and orchestra. In 2016 a number of his compositions were premiered by various organizations in Chile, of which “Cuatro escenas de sur,” with the Marga Marga Orchestra conducted by Argentine Patricia Pouchulu, ”3 momentos sobre el horizonte,“ performed by the Ensamble in Vento, and “Cueca chora,” performed by the Sayén Ensamble, are particularly noteworthy. In 2018 he won a first prize in the Fifth International Composition Competition organized by the Marga Marga Orchestra with his work, “Evocaciones” for oboe, piano and strings.

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José’s Compositions

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Cuatro escenas de sur, by Jose Aranda
Solo viola, string orchestra and timpani.

Our Price: US$30.45
Cuatro escenas de sur, by Jose Aranda
Viola and piano.

Our Price: US$24.60
Pequena cueca no. 1, by Jose Aranda
Clarinet and piano.

Our Price: US$19.90
Quartet No. 1, by Jose Aranda
Clarinet quartet.

Our Price: US$21.90
Quinteto suramericano, by Jose Aranda
Wind quintet.

Our Price: US$44.60
Tonada triste, by Jose Aranda
Clarinet quartet.

Our Price: US$19.90

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