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Alvaro Ponce de León

Alvaro Ponce de León

Composer and percussionist Alvaro Ponce studied music in Peru’s national conservatory with Alonso Acosta. In 2005 continued his studies in Brazil in the Tatuí Conservatory in São Paulo. Ponce has studied composition with distinguished composers such as Luis Nani and Rodrigo Botta, and has composed more than fifty works. Ponce, who has been a member of Peru’s composer association CIRCOMPER since 2010, has had his works performed in Brazil, Paraguay, France, Peru and in other countries. While at the Conservatory his performance of “Marimba Spiritual” was awarded a prize in that institution’s first chamber music competition. In 2009 Ponce formed the Afro-Peruvian group Caracunde, which since that time has been performing regularly in Brazil. In 2012 the group was recognized in the Latin Festival of African Art and Culture (FLAAC) that was held in Brasilia. In conjunction with his ensemble Varo’s Quartet he is currently preparing to record a compact disk that focuses on a kind of music that synthesizes jazz and South American rhythms.

Alvaro’s Compositions

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Cajoneando con campana, by Alvaro Ponce
Quintet for cajón.

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Danza, by Alvaro Ponce
Percussion septet.

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Estudio No. 1, by Alvaro Ponce de Leon
Percussion quintet.

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Festrio, by Alvaro Ponce de Leon
Percussion trio (cajón, bongo, congo).

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Universal, by Alvaro Ponce de Leon
Percussion ensemble (Glockenspiel, xylophone, two vibraphones, three marimbas, timpani, stick percussion).

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