Unaccompanied, Solo with Piano, and Chamber Music Grading Scale

The following grade levels are intended to provide a guideline as to the technical, but not musical, difficulty of our solo and chamber music pieces. Please note that these guidelines are general in nature and do not necessarily take into account the techniques that may be particular to any given instrument.

Grade 1 = Very Easy (one year of playing experience)
Grade 2 = Easy (two years of playing experience)
Grade 3 = Medium (three to four years)
Grade 4 = Medium Advanced
Grade 5 = Advanced
Grade 6 = Professional

In keeping with what seems to be the industry tendency for orchestral music, we also use this same six-point system for this repertory. We use the American Band College Music Grading Chart (a five-point system) for concert band music. To see a downloadble copy of this rubric, please click here.