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With a mission to increase the awareness and appreciation of Latin American classical music, the Cayambis Institute for Latin American Studies in Music (CILASiM) is being created as a nonprofit organization in order to encourage the creation, performance and study of Latin American classical music. On this page we’ve established a convenient method by which you may make a secure contribution by credit or debit card to the Cayambis Institute Fund. However, for those preferring to make a cash donation, please make your check payable to Cayambis Music Press, LLC, and send it to:

Cayambis Music Press
PO Box 10164
Blacksburg, VA 24062

As a new nonprofit organization we depend on the generous support of like-minded individuals in order to ensure the continuance of our programs and services. Thank you!

Please note: your contribution will be used, in part, to help subsidize nonprofit and other startup costs; consequently, your contribution, though greatly appreciated, is not tax deductible at this time.
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