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Cayambis Music Press is pleased to be collaborating with the 2019 Judith Lapple Summer Woodwind Camp & Music Festival in order to acquaint young musicians with the unique repertory of classical music from Latin America.

This collaboration has many elements. For example, as composer-in-residence, our own Andrés Carrizo will be leading several interactive master classes and coachings. And on July 20, 2019, he will be conducting the world premiere of the 2019 Music Festival Commissioned Work, which he is currently finishing.

What you might not know is that we will be awarding $800 scholarships to at least two audition winners. With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that the audition music inspired by this collaboration is now ready and available for sale.

This music falls into two categories: the first, is the group of audition pieces for solo wind instruments (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon and saxophone) and piano. Two pieces were composed for each wind instrument, and although most are grade 4 compositions, a few are grade 5, which means that the latter are recommended for high school seniors or first-year college students. (Make sure you carefully check the “Summary” tab on the product page for each composition). In addition, be sure to click on the “Extended Description” tab, where you’ll find special instructions on what sections of each piece to prepare for your audition.

The second group consists of three sextets for flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, horn and bassoon. Since during the Festival Andrés will be leading student ensembles in various performances of this music, so that you may prepare these pieces even before the very first rehearsal we’ve made it possible for you to purchase your own individual part for each of the three pieces. Use the drop-down menu to add parts to your shopping cart.

Wait, there’s more! Spend $45.00 or more (on the summer camp music) and we’ll give you 10% off your order! Just use coupon code scholarship on the checkout page.

But hurry, you need to get your audition recording to the Lapple Camp people by July 1, 2019!
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Danza en un espacio gris, by Nicolás Hernández
Alto saxophone and piano.

Our Price: $21.90
Nómadas, by Alvaro Zúñiga
Clarinet and piano

Our Price: $23.90
Tiempo de mariposas, by Adriana Verdié
Horn and piano.

Our Price: $24.60
Little Tropical Suite No 2, by Luis Perez Valero
Oboe and piano.

Our Price: $24.90
Sepia, by Federico Núñez
Clarinet and piano.

Our Price: $24.90
Bocaina Suite, by Alexandre Travassos
Horn and piano.

Our Price: $24.90
Laberintos, by Juan Francisco Sans
Oboe and piano.

Our Price: $25.60
Three Southern Episodes, by Gerardo Dirie
Bassoon and piano.

Our Price: $26.40
Fagot Pukllay, by Daniel Cueto
Bassoon and piano.

Our Price: $26.90
Rapsodia del viejo zorro, by Juan Lopez
Clarinet and piano.

Our Price: $26.90